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Dish TV

Dish Serves Up Outstanding Receivers

As one of the first to offer satellite TV in the US, the Dish Network has also been among the pioneers in offering HDTV programming. Dish provides satellite television and audio service over the US and is under the supervision of parent company, EchoStar Communications Corporation. Dish was launched in 1996 and is based in Englewood, Colorado.

Dish’s HD roots

Dish Network initially used an 18-inch satellite dish when it launched its HDTV service. Dish is now using a 20-inch satellite dubbed Dish 500, which enables subscribers to receive satellite locations at around the same time. The company is also using larges dishes (SuperDish and Dish 1000) to improve the reception of HD-broadcasts from three satellite locations.

The Dish 1000 gets signals from satellites at 110

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