HD TV Reviews


Introducing The Panasonic TX-P42G20

The TX-P42G20 meets all the expectations one would have for a plasma flat screen from Panasonic. For the price and quality, the TX-P42G20 is on par with the rest of the industry.

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Sony KDL40EX403

The Sony KDL40EX403 LCD TV Reviewed

Sony intends for the EX400 line to be more of a “value-priced” range of TVs, though there really doesn’t appear to be much of anything that’s budget-oriented about these units, other than their prices.

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The Sony KDL46EX403U TV – A First Look

With so many features, you may think that you’ll have to spend a fortune. Cast that idea to the wind!

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Panasonic TX-P42G20B

Quick Review of the Panasonic TX-P42G20B

The TX-P42G20B is a brilliant television and represents a brilliant value for the money.

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Panasonic TX-P50S10

Looking At The Panasonic TX-P50S10

The Panasonic TX-P50S10 may not have every single feature its counterparts offer, however, because of its affordability, this is pretty much forgivable.

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