Finding The Right Projector For Our New Home Theater

Projector for Man Cave

Furnishing our new home was quite an undertaking, not just did I have to get a projector for the home theater, but then a screen which could fit exactly. Not to mention enough furniture to fill a four bedroom house. Six months back when we were looking for a property in the Atlanta region, we looked for what seemed like forever.

We actually saw homes in the city and dwellings in the country, but when we ultimately found our home we were completely pleased with everything except for the fact we really did not have nearly enough furniture to fill our new place. One of the first rooms I decided to decorate was the family den; my husband wanted one of those projectors for home theater.

The den was going to be his mancave so I decided on a dark, warm leather sofa. Plus, a big screen tv, so he could sit back and watch all of the sports his little heart and soul could handle. Sunday was basically sports day and with this screen and projector he would feel like he was actually there. Getting a perfect projector for our home theater was something I explored on the internet.

Finally I found an appropriate one, one which presented the best natural firm image. We would be able to watch 3D movies like we were sitting in the movie theater. After finding the perfect screen to go along with the projector, I was ready for the furniture. Fortunately shopping is my personal favorite thing to do. So finding the perfect leather sofa as well as matching end tables was basically a walk in the park.

I already had the walls decorated a lighter brown so the room really would not look like too much of a cave. After that room was completely finished, my husband had his first man party with just about all his friends coming around to watch baseball as well as 3D movies. The mancave was complete, now if only the rest of the house is as easy to furnish!

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