The Wonderful World of TV Viewed Through HDTV

Analog to HDTVHigh-definition television or HDTV sets were launched and introduced to the ever insatiable market in 1998. On its launch, HDTV spurred excitement among tech aficionados, sports fans and movie addicts.

You must be wondering why. Well, there is a pretty good reason for TV buffs to get excited about the advent of TV through HDTV.

HDTV started the rise of a television paradise because it boasted and impressed consumers with resolutions that are of superior and top quality. HDTV’s superior picture resolution is complimented by equally superior digital surround sound.

Thus, movie buffs were very happy upon the introduction of HDTV. Now, they could play video movies and watch them in original widescreen format. Not only that, the wide-screen feature does not contain the so-called letterbox “black bars”.

Letter “black bars” that HDTVs eliminate are those spaces on wide-screen TVs that annoys people, especially the meticulous ones. It gives a perception that the screen is horizontally flattened out, sacrificing the vertical traction.

HDTV and the Confused Market

Unfortunately, there are already a lot of TV models and technologies, and the introduction of HDTV made the array and selection of TV sets even more complicated.

Consumers who now shop for TV sets find themselves surrounded by such an astounding number of abbreviations and such a wide array of TV choices that it can be quite confusing. This only proves that the TV technology and industry is still growing and improving to meet the insatiable demands and tastes of the technology-thirsty consuming public.

From Analog TV to HDTV

For decades, TV addicts around the world have watched TV through analog signals beamed and received by the cathode ray tube or CRT TV sets. Cathode ray tubes are the tubes that make up most of the TV screen.

Analog TV works through simple and uncomplicated dynamics. The TV signal is beamed or transmitted using radio waves that when received by television sets are translated and converted into sound and pictures.

Conventional TVs’ analog signals reach TV sets through a cable connection, a satellite transmission or over the air. Because much of the technology is shifting to digital, analog converts digital signals into analog signals.

Thus, the movie played by your DVD players are converted by the analog TV into analog signals, so the picture will be compatible with the conventional TV’s screen.

However, consumers and movie addicts notice and have been complaining about how the picture and sound quality of DVD movies are lowered and altered when watched through an analog TV set.

That is when HDTVs get in. Because analog TV sets do not give out excellent viewing quality to meticulous viewers, HDTV, which spun off from digital TV and digital signal transmission technologies, attracted the market and lured TV set buyers.

Because HDTV is apparently and practically fitted and custom-made for digital broadcasts and transmission, it is the perfect equipment or TV set for viewing digitally transmitted signals, whether from the DVD player, from the digital cable operators and from digital over-the-air free television broadcasts.

HDTV perfectly renders a TV viewing experience that is optimally and sound-wise excellent. No matter how more expensive HDTV get compared to its analog TV counterparts, no wonder, people from all walks of life around the world still manage to get hold of it.

Buying HDTV Sets

Buying HDTV sets is now somehow tiring and stressful. Don’t get it wrong. The weariness and stress people get from shopping for HDTVs comes from the disappointment to be not be able to bring home all the HDTV sets in the appliance shop.

HDTV is really an excellent form and new technology involving and evolving the well-loved television. The inventor of TV, John Logie Baird, must be turning upon his grave now, not with disgust, but with cheers and praises for what has become of his invention.

From TV’s invention in 1926, it now comes in the form of the modernized HDTV, which will certainly make past generations envy this generation.

Indeed, TV is still the most powerful media. Consistently rising sales of TV sets can attest to that.

The best things in life are for free. That is why, viewing the world through that little window called the television must really be an exciting experience for all viewers. Get your HDTV now!

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