How to Install A Flat Panel Wall Mount

Flat Panel Wall Mount

Getting a new large diameter flat screen television can be an enjoyable time for any home owner however unfortunately, when you get it home you quickly notice that you don’t have a spot to put it.

Many people face this problem, because they simply don’t realize the size of the set they have acquired. Thinking they can place it on an occasional table when they get home, they’ll realize that the table they were considering isn’t sufficiently large to hold the TV safely. This can probably lead to a disaster if you’re not careful, which is one of the best reasons you need to install a flat-panel wall mount.

Before you begin tearing into the project, you will want to be certain that all of your obligatory parts were included in the kit.  Infrequently, when you buy lower quality mounting kits you may finish up with a box that doesn’t contain everything you need.  It’s better to find this out up front, instead of when you’re a few hours into the project.

Step 1 ) Find the studs in your wall. If you’re not experienced with finding studs in the wall, you might want to buy a cheap stud finder to help.  Mounting the bracket onto the studs is crucial for safety. Heavy TVs could rip the mounting bracket out of your drywall if it’s not secured to the studs correctly.

Step 2 ) Mount the bracket to the wall. Once you have marked the studs, and certified that you are going to be mounting to them, you will need to start attaching the wall side of the bracket. Follow the manufacturer’s instructions, and use the advised lag bolts, if they’re included.

Step 3 ) Mount the flat panel wall mount bracket to your television. Now that the bracket has been affixed to the wall, you will need to attach the leftover bracket to your TV. You want to ensure that you have attached the bracket correctly, to avoid having your TV land on the ground one day. Apply adequate pressure to the mount once you have installed it, to be sure that it won’t move around once the television has been mounted.

Step 4 ) Mount the television to the wall. Get someone to help you out through this process. Lifting the television set uniformly, you will want to line up the notches on the TV’s bracket, to the bracket that you have mounted to the wall. It should fit very similarly to hanging a picture on the wall, locking the 2 brackets together when it is installed correctly. Apply pressure to the top of the TV when it is on the wall, to ensure that it will not fall easily.

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