New High Def DVRs Change the Way We Watch TV

High Definition DVRThe latest High-definition DVR from TiVo is possibly one of the most popular High Definition DVR units to hit the scene in recent years.  Not since the development of the high definition DVR has there been such a spectacular increase in the capabilities and operability than now.  The all new models have some amazing add-ons which include recording up to 150 hours of HD video, playing YouTube videos, access to Netflix and Amazon movies and even playing music files!

Utilizing a new HD DVR you can expect to save yourself money and time by having the ability to record the shows you choose and bypassing commercials. These new high definition DVR devices are genuinely defining the brand new generation of TiVo products.

I have continually been an early adopter of technology. This includes when I worked at an area cable company, becoming one of the first people to have an HD DVR.  Just the sheer capability to record TV in those days was amazing.  I remember telling my wife she would not need to use a video cassette tape to record and she looked at me dumbfounded! From that point on, I have seen many different models of new high definition DVR recorders, but none have actually been as advanced as these TiVo units.

Acquiring one of the brand-new high definition DVR units from TiVo really can boost your home theater experience and provide you with a huge selection of possibilities. One of my favorite brand-new features is the ability to see web content right on my TV and according to the reviews I’ve read, this is not like blocky YouTube on your television but actually watchable content.  Picture being able to watch a hamster run around to humorous music on your screen in superb high-definition!

As you start to study exactly what high definition DVR to purchase or operate in your home theater then I strongly urge you to look at the newest TiVo models that will blow you away.

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