Building Your First Home Theater System

Home TheaterHaving the comforts of a great home theater system right in the convenience of your own home can be a huge investment for some families. A innovative big-screen television, surround sound audio speakers, and sometimes even theater chairs are some of the things necessary for a complete movie theater experience. Often times the only thing missing is people sitting around and talking during the movie.
Having a great home theater entertainment system is way more than buying a big television and hooking a few speakers up to it. There is planning and preparation that must go into a home theater system for maximum enjoyment. The following are some basic things to consider when planning your personal home theater system.


The main thing to consider is the room in which you want to place your home theater system. You have to take into account the size of the room and whether or not it’s carpeted in order to decide on the right sound system. Carpeted rooms will have different acoustics and, as a result, might require a different type of speaker for a good theater sound. Also, think about where you are going to sit in the room. This will make it easier to decide where you would like to place the speakers for the best acoustics.

Room Size

Room size is also important. You don’t want to have too much sound for your room, but you do want to be able to recreate the experience of being in a theater. When planning your purchase, you should begin by considering your room dimensions in order to decide which type of system will best suit your needs.

The Television

For the best experience, you should next research the different types of home theater televisions that are available for purchase. Each format has different pros and cons. The best thing to do is find information about the type of television that you are interested in. Some televisions fit better for certain room layouts while others won’t work so well. Some have a clear picture from a distance but would not be a good choice for small rooms. Decide on your personal preferences and circumstances and then you can decide what type of TV will suit you best.


Audio speakers are also a main factor that must be planned for. You don’t want to waste money by purchasing speakers that are to powerful if you won’t end up using even a fraction of their wattage. But you also don’t want to continuously push and strain a small wattage set of speakers just to fill your room with sound. You also need to decide if you want free-standing speakers, or if you want them built into your wall or specially built cabinets.

For a great home theater system, a little planning is vital for achieving a cost-effective and great sounding system. It’s not a good idea to just buy the highest-priced equipment because you might not utilize all of its features. And purchasing the cheapest audio video equipment is not necessarily the best plan if you are going to put you entertainment system to good use a lot of the time. Make enlightened purchases relevant to your specific needs for optimum enjoyment.

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