Choosing a Surround Sound System

Choosing The Perfect Surround Sound System

You’ve just about got your home theater set up. Now you’re going to want a huge audio system to go along with the big television  in your home theater, which is customarily comprised of a Surround Sound system. Yet a Surround Sound system can be a alarming purchase if you are not acquainted with the basics of […]

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Too much TV causes sqare eyeballs

Purchasing The Best LCD 40" HDTV To Enjoy In Your Home

Once upon a time, I was told that that too much TV would give a person square eyeballs. If that were actually true, we would have a countrywide plague! There’s no doubt that TV affects our everyday lives, all the way from showing us the world’s important events, to letting us indulge in our favorite shows and documentaries. Today’s TVs are making […]

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Internet Radio

Internet Radio And Why Its So Great

Internet radio is truly fantastic and something that I have only really discovered in the past few months.

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Alice In Wonderland

Is Alice in Wonderland Really Children’s Fiction?

To what extent are Alice’s unusual travels in this made-up land really for children?

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German TV: From Its Simple Origins To German Internet Television

As you may expect, the actual story of German TV is a fascinating tale.  Not surprisingly, the Deutsch Republic is now one of the most culturally and technologically advanced areas in the entire world, and their television industry surely reflects this. What you might not know is that Germany was one of the real pioneers […]

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Home Theater Kits

Home Theater Entertainment Lovers

Because there is such variety in the audio and video equipment and media, and due to the fact that it evolves so quickly, home theatres vary greatly from home to home.

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High Definition DVR

New High Def DVRs Change the Way We Watch TV

Acquiring one of the brand-new high definition DVR units from TiVo really can boost your home theatre experience and provide you with a huge selection of possibilities.

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Introducing The Panasonic TX-P42G20

The TX-P42G20 meets all the expectations one would have for a plasma flat screen from Panasonic. For the price and quality, the TX-P42G20 is on par with the rest of the industry.

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Sony KDL40EX403

The Sony KDL40EX403 LCD TV Reviewed

Sony intends for the EX400 line to be more of a “value-priced” range of TVs, though there really doesn’t appear to be much of anything that’s budget-oriented about these units, other than their prices.

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What Is 3D TV At Home?

Just when you were thinking 3D was new at the movies, here we have 3D in your own home.

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